Welcome to the deep red realm of thanatos. 

“Thanatos” is the Greek word for “death” and it’s the name of the creature dominating the cover of the record “Thanatos” is the sneering one; the mocking one. The punk demonic instinct.

The moment has finally come. It’s time to unlock the final seal: Aleph’s third full length record is finally here for you all to see and listen. This is one you’d better prepare for: Thanatos will drag you down to further depths, it’s a skullcrushing death-trip, as it would have been if painted by Hyeronimous Bosch, written by E.A. Poe, directed by Dario Argento. 

Divided in two movements, the 14 tracks take the hand of you, listener, and hold it while leading you through rooms of despair where visions are disturbing, words disquieting, where the line between dreams and reality is deliberately unclear.

Death metal has come to its darker side here, in a way you’ve never witnessed before.

In Tenebra

Seven Steps Of Stone